How long is this program?

New Life School of Ministry offers rolling admission. Students may begin in either the Fall or Spring Semester.

What is the Registration Fee?

There is a $50 registration fee. This fee is collected as part of the initial application process. It covers the cost of books and material for the first semester.

What is the Book Fee?

There is a $50 book fee that is due at the beginning of every semester.

Does NLSM offer financial aid or student loans?

NLSM does not offer financial aid nor do we offer student loans.

What are the hours like at NLSM? Are there days off?

NLSM runs Monday – Thursday of every week from 9:00am-1:00pm. In addition, students are also required to attend the midweek night service on Wednesday and are also required to attend a Sunday service at the designated campus that they are scheduled to serve. On Sundays, students will serve one service and attend the other.

Can you come as a married couple?

Yes, you can come as a married couple; however, we do not have housing at this time for married couples.

Do I need to be water baptized or baptized in the Holy Spirit to apply?

No, but we do believe that these are important in our faith and we hope that this will become a part of your NLSM experience.

Will I need a car?

Having a car will be up to you personally. You will not be required to own one to attend NLSM.

Should I bring a laptop or desktop computer?

If you do not own a laptop or desktop computer it will not hinder your experience, however a laptop or desktop computer will enhance your experience as a student.